Friday, 7 November 2008

Class Comments


Cuts well, Good titles, Amazing credits, Good fonts, Good titles and story board, Imaginative good ending.


Soundtrack needs to be more in time and flow better, jumpy bits not that good, titles too fast and jumpy.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Location Breakdown

Location: Black Room

1. Over The Shoulder - Main Character looking into mirror with no reflection.
2. Mid shot - The mirror cracks in the center.
3. Over The Shoulder - Blood starts to seep out of the mirror, the character dabs the blood with her hands.
4. Over The Shoulder - Main character looking into the sink of blood stained water (title name covered in blood dripping).
5. Mid Shot - Character staring at camera.
6. Close-up - Close up character's eye.

Location: Graveyard

1. Long Shot - Panning the graveyard with dark figure appearing.
2. Close-up - Shot of cross with name.

Location: White Room

1. Close-up - shot of bible front stained in blood.
2. Close-up - bible being opened with blood stained hands.
3. Close-up - bible, pages torn away with blood stain.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

How To Make Fake Blood! - More bloopers are a click away

inspiration on how to make fake blood, taken from google .

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thriller soundtrack

this is our soundtrack:

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

student thriller example

camera work:

good camera work, framing and following of the person. the combination of steady and jolted camera styles contributed to a sense of movement. contrast of body images and full body including black and white and color kept you more interested


to the point nothing seemed too long , possible error with out of actor laughing.

mise - en - scene :

good use of costume, natural enviroment felt real . simple but made it creepy with the camera angels and the black and white


good consistent music , no lyrics , because there was no lyrics it contributed to the creepy feel to the clip . plus the ruffling at the beginning of the clip of leaves. good use of scratchy noise when cutting away to a different clip

titles :

titles blended in with the black and white background and made you pay attention to the clip instead of the titles.


Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Within the opening sequence there were many techniques used including things such as;
  • editing
  • Camera
within the editing technique they have used things like slow motion, Fazing in and out during scenes these are good as they make the movie entrance interesting.
Camera shots and angles were changed and used through out the entrance sequence such as when they first introduce John Travolta and the child they go in from close shots and far distance ones, they also use close up shots on Nicolas Cage when hes laid down on the grass.



Great gory shots, beginning was too long started to lose interest, the jump editing with old fashioned dirty film was really well linked with the subject. Hybrid genre, Horror/Thriller. Detective theme, crime and political. Good contrast at the beginning of the shot form 'boring' to 'what the hell?' Good blending with the film and titles. Titles were on their own where as the film didn't have an over lap of words. Camera shots were very varied with long shots and close up shots, which gave it a effective feel.

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The opening sequence for 'Memento' was really effective. It was presented in a very different format as it was played backwards. This clip showed a man processing a Polaroid photo, leading back to when he actually took the photo. we found this really interesting as it lead back to how the story began or ended, we don't know at this point whether the scene was the beginning of the story or the ending due to it being played backwards.

In this opening scene we really liked how the music went well with the scene and how the photograph lead us back to the real place and time of which the character took the photograph. We feel the opening scene makes you really keen to watch the rest of the film, we feel it sets up the film very well! =]

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